Féline-Orthopédique : A case of Rickets in a cat

3 month-old Domestic shorthair cat presented for generalized pain. Slight hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia are noted, whereas other biochemical values are within normal limits.
Dorsopalmar projection of both carpi and mediolateral projection of the left stifle and tarsus.
From a general point of view, we observe:
- a decreased raiopacity of the skeleton and a thinning of the cortex;
- a subtle osseous deformation: curved aspect of long bones, convex aspect of the pelvis, lordosis of the thoracolombar spine;
- a widening of the metaphyses;
- irregular metaphyses;
- narrowed and fragmented epiphyses;
- increased distance between metaphyses and epiphyses;
- flarring and cupping of the metaphyses;
- rosary sign at the level of the costochondral junctions in the rib cage.
Generalized osteopenia associated with a delayed growth.
Radiographic signs consistent with Rickets.
Rickets can be of nutritional origin (Vitamine D, calcium or phosphore deficit), or congenital origin (renal disease with receptor or synthesis deficit of calcitriol or vitamine D).
Special thanks to Dr Jérôme Seguela à Biarritz pour ce cas!