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Veterinary teleradiology is a veterinary medical act strictly regulated by rules of ethics veterinarian. Organized by veterinary radiologists, teleradiology is only justified in the interest of the patient. The use of teleradiology must be exercised in respect of a number of principles to ensure the proper use of teleradiology, its added value in access to care and pathways of care for each patient and ensure the rational practice and controlled transmission of medical images. Vetpixel © is a trading platform and cooperation service for veterinary practitioners wishing to refine and clarify a diagnosis and maintain and / or deepen their knowledge in medical imaging. You must understand that it has no vocation of expertise; any report written by a radiologist from vetpixel© cannot serve as a legal document and has no legal value. The veterinarian "Applicant” is responsible for the relevance of data collected from the patient and uploaded, use he makes of the report and advice of support made by the teleradiologist and diagnosis that issue. The teleradiologist may refuse to interpret images when it has no skills and / or essential information about the patient, or when their quality or their number do not allow meaningful interpretation.

No personal information is collected without the agreement of the user. No personal information is distributed, sold or transferred without the agreement of the user. All materials used on the site are the exclusive property of the site Under Article L 122-4 of the Code of intellectual property, any use, broadly defined, is prohibited. Unauthorizedcopyingisprohibited (Act 98-536 of 1 July 1998).

By becoming a member of Vetpixel©, I admit that I read and understood the privacy rights and terms of use and that I agree with the fact that:
The veterinary teleradiology is an act strictly governed by the rules of veterinary business ethics.
My request of on-line interpretation of  imaging examinations is justified only by the interest of my patient.
Vetpixel© has no vocation of expertise; that any report written by a radiologist of Vetpixel© cannot be considered as legal document and lacks legal value.
I am completely responsible for the relevance of the data collected with the patient and with his owner and electronically transmitted, with the use I make of the report and the advice of care formulated by the radiologist, as well as the diagnosis that she(he) frees. 
The teleradiologist can refuse to interpret images when she (he) has no skill and\or the necessary information on the patient, or when their quality or their number does not allow him(her) a valid interpretation(performance).
All the documents that are used on the present website belong exclusively to Vetpixel©. According to the article L 122-4 from the code of the intellectual property, any use is strictly prohibited. The unauthorized reproduction is forbidden.