Equine-Orthopédique : A case of osteochondral fragmentation of the navicular bone in a horse

Belgian Warmblood, 3 y old. Purchase exam.
No lameness detected on the circle, no lameness on a straight line
Flexions negative
We see an oval fragment, mineralized with smooth edges of 0.5 cm in diameter on the distal border of the navicular bone on the lateral abaxial aspect. An indentation is visible adjacent to the fragment on the distal border. At least four synovial fossae are visible along the distal border of the navicular in the central region.

Osteochondral fragment of the distal border of the navicular bone. Possible cause: avulsion at the insertion of the impar ligament, dystrophic mineralization in the impar ligament, fractured enthesophytes.

The risk for the purchase visit is considered more important than normal and a reserved prognosis in the long term on the horse's athletic career is given.