Equine-Orthopédique : A case of humeral osteochondrosis in a horse

French Warmblood of 2.5 years presented for a LF lameness of recent onset. No trauma known, lives in a pasture with other horses.
ML view of the shoulder is provided for interpretation.
There is a radiolucent semilunar shaped zone seen in the caudal portion of the humeral head. This lesion is adjacent to the articular surface. The adjacent articular surface is irregular. A large amount of sclerosis surrounds the lesion. A rounded cystic area is suspected at the central level of the glenoid fossa of the scapula.
Degenerative lesions are visible to the joint margins, especially at the supraglenoid tuberosity and the caudal margin of the glenoid fossa.

Both lesions are developmental lesions and correspond to lesions of osteochondrosis. Early degenerative lesions are visible. The prognosis is reserved for sports.
A view of the contralateral shoulder and a complete screening for OCD can be considered.