Canine-Thorax : A case of oesophageal foreign body in a dog

Yorkshire 6 years
Present an acute tachypnea, hypersalivation and coughing following the owner.
On auscultation the animal is anxious, no cough is noted. The salivation was also noted.
A rounded mass with smooth borders is visible in the hilar region on the lateral. This mass is seen on the VD, located centrally and behind the cardiac silhouette. The stomach is empty and contains gas.

Conclusion: A hilar mass is visible. DD
1 / esophageal mass: foreign body, neoplasia, granuloma (spirocerca lupi), an abscess
2 / mediastinal mass that can be paraesophageal, a lymph node ..
3 / pulmonary mass like neoplasia or granuloma.

A oesophagogram with barium may help in diagnosis. In doubt between pulmonary or mediastinal mass, an endoscopy or a CT is required.

In this case, endoscopy was performed and a pig's ear has been removed.