Canine-Thorax : A case of malignant pulmonary and adrenal masses in a dog

14 year-old castrated male Sheltie dog presented with chronic cough (2 months duration).
Chest radiographs.
There is a diffuse broncho-interstitial opacification of the lung field.
The skeleton demonstrates a marked decreased opacity.
A large rounded mass with ill-defined contours is visible in the region of the right middle lung lobe in its hilar part. The caudoventral borders of the liver extend beyond the costal arch. A homogeneous soft tissue mass is visible cranially and medially to the left kidney.

Conclusion: generalized osteopenia, bronchic mineralization, hepatomegaly and adrenal mass: all these findings are consistent with a Cushing's syndrome.
Pulmonary mass affecting the right middle lung lobe: primary lung neoplasia or metastatic (adrenal neoplasm).