Canine-Orthopédique : A case of bilateral femoral metaphyseal osteopathy in a dog

Mexican Hairless Dog of 1 year presented for acute lameness without history of trauma. The patient is refered for femoral head resection.
Ventrodorsal projection of the pelvis and coxofemoral joints.
A radiolucent linear tract is visible in between the femoral epiphysis and metaphysis. This abnormality is visible in both hips.

Bilateral femoral osteopathy. This syndrome is well-known in children and has been described in the veterinary literature in canine and feline species.
Vet Pathol 38:1 (2001)
J Small Anim Pract 45 (2004)
This syndrome corresponds to a dysplasia of the growth plate of unknown etiology.

Courtesy of Dr J. Seguela (Biarritz).